Chris Peldo

Creative Director by day and prolific Pop Artist at all other times is one way to define Chris Peldo. Originally from California, he now calls Chicago home and for 25 years he has honed his artistic side with an array of abstract expression that collides with Pop Art. Many fans make mention of his work as sort of like "Pollack and Warhol had a kid".

Chris appears to skip easily from generation to generation as he applies layer after layer of screened icons in vibrant color combinations. Logo art from consumer products runs directly into cartoon imagery and back again until a painting is revealed that grabs your attention, and ignites your memory.

Peldo paintings have been hung at a wide variety of famous locations, including the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. Chris was chosen by Absolut Vodka to produce the image for the state of Illinois in the international "Absolut Statehood" ad campaign. Included amongst commission clients is a project for Walt Disney Co.

Pop Chicago Gallery has a unique collection of Chris Peldo paintings on canvas, panel, and paper in a wide variety of sizes. Recently Chris collaborated on a series of paintings with fellow Pop Chicago artist Michel Balasis which are also available.