Jonathon Kimbrell

Jonathon Kimbrell is a Pop Artist from Dallas, Texas who combines a great sensibility for iconic imagery with a wonderful blend of retro-photo-screened bits of movies, music, and consumer influences.

Everything from a comic book superhero, to a character from your favorite childhood game can appear in his rich blend of mixed media paintings. Jonathon complements his imagery with a beautiful palette of color combinations that have the appearance of being printed over each other multiple times. This application adds texture and depth.

Along with Jonathon's work as an artist, he is able to keep busy with other creative activities including, photography, gallery curator, and he is an extremely devoted music fan.

Jonathon's work can be seen in exhibits and galleries from Seattle to Pennsylvania and many Texas locations between, as well as in London. Pop Chicago is proud to host the initial opportunity for his work to be shown in Chicago.