Michel Balasis

A recent one-person show in New York has taken Pop Chicago artist Michel Balasis to a new level of notoriety on the Pop Art scene. His painting style is pure comic book art, clearly derived from the influence of Roy Lichtenstein, yet pushed to a different level.

Michel is a Professor of Visual Communication at Loyola University Chicago, who has developed his Pop Art paintings over a 25 year career as an exhibiting artist. It was his chance meeting with the afore mentioned Mr. Lichtenstein at the Castelli Gallery in New York that convinced him to pursue the comic book aesthetic full steam. He says, "Lichtenstein gave me the green light".

Retro style comic book characters are painted to an extremely clean finish, with high contrast color and bold yet somewhat refined black contour line. Then Balasis adds the catch phrase or idiom to bring the character to life. Often based on current societal trends, or social commentary, the dramatic effect can be humorous as well as thought provoking to the viewer.

Currently exhibiting in Chicago, New York, Dallas, Santa Fe and Michigan, Michel is fielding offers to show internationally. Pop Chicago has a great selection of Balasis paintings in a wide variety of sizes.

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